Problem with big obj files

I’m using Blender to make 3D models. I want to make a Landscape in the obj Format. My Problem is, that the File for 512*512 meters is 150 MB big. I have opened it with Notepad and there are six numbers after the comma. But I only Need centimeters and not nanometers. So I don’t know, how to delete all these numbers.
Here is a piece of the file:

Blender v2.78 (sub 0) OBJ File: ‘’

o Plane_Plane.001
v -120.000000 10111.000000 1047.000000
v -182.000000 10079.000000 1104.000000
v -108.000000 10067.000000 1117.000000
v -46.000000 10097.000000 1059.000000
v -57.000000 10139.000000 988.000000
v -131.000000 10154.000000 976.000000
v -195.000000 10123.000000 1034.000000
v -144.000000 10195.000000 904.000000

And I really need to use the obj Format, because I want to work with the vertex data, and you can’t make it with binary files (like fbx).

I actually don’t know how basically these facts are connected. But 150mb is a very small scene.
During my last workflow I was working with a 2.5gb master scene.

It would be better to make your landscape into a heightmap and use that with the landscape tools within UE4 since that will allow better performance in the game rather than using an imported mesh.

I Need to make an obj, because I want to Experiment with the procedural mesh component. It has Features which the landscape component hasn’t.

You could use a find and replace command in any text editor for “.000000”

But that shouldn’t make any difference when the obj is in engine.

I haven’t thought about it. That’s a good and simple idea. The file isn’t going in the Engine, it goes in the code of a procedural mesh.