Problem with Behavior Tree Quick Start Guide

Hi. I have problem with this tutorial. I think I doing everything ok (I done this two times, and I browser many times and I didn’t catch any fault or missing).
My problem is with enemy. He walks randomized but he can’t see me, so he don’t chase me.
And I don’t know where exacly is my error, I know it’s something with sequence with chase player, but I don’t know what exacly.
Thanks for any help or ideas.


Do you have anything that is deviating from the project?

I would suggest checking 3 different places to narrow it down if the enemy cannot perceive you:

  1. Check if the Blackboard Key “EnemyActor” is being updated
  2. Check if “AI controller Setup -> Section 4” enables Detect Neutrals.
  3. Check if “AI controller Setup -> Section 12” is actually playing

No, don’t have anything except this tutorial.

It is enabled.

I think everything with this is ok.

But “EnemyActor” and “HasLineOfSight” isn’t being updated, I don’t know why.