problem with beaver dam

I made 2 maps, one of them totally clean, I started a clean project without copying anything of the original maps of the game, in this project I created a biome for the beavers, created an area to spawn, and works perfectly, the beavers appear and make the dams.

already on the second map, I copied the blueprints “The Island” to have day cycle. So on this second map I made the same preparations, I created a biome with the tag “Beaver” created a spawn for them, the beavers appear but do not make dams.

I have re-done the tests several times … if I copy any blueprint from “The Island” the beavers on my map stop working … does anyone know what it can be?

Normaly it should work if you Map have two things in Line for Beavers

  1. Landscape must have “Ground Terrain” as collision
  2. Biome must have a beavers “Tag” (dont know if this is still needed)

Friend I have managed to solve this problem … a tag is required, in the field Custom Tag must be filled with “Beaver”