Problem with Ball jumping against blocking volumes

Hello everyone !
I’m making a mobile game just for learning purpose, I have an issue with it…
It is a 2D style platform game, the player controls a bouncing ball, I placed two blocking volumes on each sides of the ball so that it don’t fall off the platform.
The problem is when I jump, the ball can make a jump against those blocking volumes and I really don’t want to allow that.
I’ve already tried to force a little delay between two jumps but it doesn’t help…

Does someone have a solution for this ?

Here’s a video to clarify it all (is seems like there is a double jump but there’s not, the ball is simply bouncing on the invisible walls when I spam the spacebar (jump button)

I don’t want to restrict the Z axis as it would feel to “rigid” for the gameplay.

Thank you very much for your help, every little idea is welcomed as I begin in unreal ^^

Hum. Can you remove the planes and just lock the ball on the starting position cardinal direction of interest via movement component?
I believe the default platformer template is set that way.

alternatively, on tick, set the location to whatever it should be but always keep the axis you need to the value you need (which you can get on begin play).

Hope that helps. You can also create events to allow the axis shift when needed. Or change the lock direction, should it ever be needed.

Thank you so much !
I will try these solutions as soon as possible ^^