Problem with Audio Occlusion and Resonance plugin on 4.19.2

Hi. I’m currently trying to develop a game using the Resonance Plugin from Google and I hit a barrier. When I get to the point of selecting the plugin for audio occlusion it doesn’t appear. The quirky thing is that it has happened to me also while trying to set Oculus audio plugin, which probably means the fault may be mine more than theirs. I’m using the new audio mixer btw. Can anyone help me?
Thank you!

The versions of Resonance and Oculus that we have do not include Occlusion.

Any idea about when is it going to be ready?

Hi I am using Unreal 4.9.2 Mac OS High Sierra and the google resonance plugin (beta), it doesn’t seem to respond to height, azimuth is fine, but no height functionality on the spatialization?? Any ideas??