Problem with attaching mesh to socket

I start by saying that this is an animation project, and not gaming.

I have a scene where the character moves his hand and points at something. I wanted the camera to follow his hand as he is raising it, so it sees what the character is pointing at.

In the World Outliner, I drag the mesh into the character and attach to the socket i have created and it works fine when playing back the animation! EXCEPT for when I save the file or try to render that the attachment gets removed.

So how do i make the attachment permanent so it works for rendering?

Also I have had shift-dragged my mesh and the character into the scene so they are a part of a level sequence. Would this cause a problem in achieving this?

Thanks for help in advance.

I found the solution now. Because i am importing everything into the sequencer, i have to “attach” objects together through sequencer by using +Track on the mesh and then choosing to attach it to whatever i want.