Problem with "Attach Actor to Actor" node and the physics

Hello, it’s me…again…
The problem is the following : my character can pick up a glowstick on the ground. With T, he can throw it in the direction the character is looking, with a delay of 1 second, like if there was a little animation of throwing. At first, I just did a spawn actor at the character location, but it was only throwing it where the character was when the input happened, so it wasn’t following the character if he was moving. So I added a “Attach Actor to Actor node”, and I’ve put the rules to “Keep world”, that’s what works the best, if I put it on snap to target, it snap into the character, prevening him to move until it’s thrown. And, well, it works, but only when the character is not moving. If I press T when the character is moving, the character is pushed in the opposite direction of where he’s looking, and the glowstick is thrown with way more strenght. Would there be a kind of opposition between the attach node and the physic ? For the latter, I followed a tutorial on how to throw an object.