Problem with arm limit rotation.

Hi all,

I have a problem with the rotation of the arm to of the excavator. I want to set a limit rotation of the arm to up and down, but it rotates just as much as in the picture and nothing more. Please help what I have done wrong :frowning:
koparka 1.jpg

Have you adjusted the numbers you put in the clamp angle node?

Yes, was the same effect like in the picture everytime.
I made another blueprint. Here the arm rotates 360 degrees in both directions (as in the picture). How can I add to this the limit of rotation?

You need to add the axis value to the pitch, right now you’re adding to the axis :-), so just flip the connections on the addition node.

Hmmm I don’t know what you mean exactly. I tried a lot of way and everytime nothing nothing nothing :frowning: Could you some picture?

Here it is :slight_smile: