Problem with APEX file from 3ds Max to UE4

Hello !
I’m searching for adding realistic cloth for my character so I used APEX with 3ds Max before export it to UE4.
It does a couple of days I tried and I’ve a problem with the use of APEX with UE4. The render with 3ds Max is okay. But when I make it with UE4, the polygons concerned by the cloth make a weird.
Anybody can help me for resolving my problem ?

I noticed that is a problem that is created when
there is an inconsistency in the proportions.
I solved using Maya

Thanks, but I don’t understand what you mean by “inconsistency in the proportions”. The character and her clothes have the same size.

If I’m not mistaken: the proportions between EU4 and 3ds max are not the same or location are not the same ! Is as if apex works in one location and cloth actualy in other ,thats why you see this error ,becouse the cloth
Stretch in direction of where apex should work

Thanks again, but unfortunately it doesn’t change anything.

Thanks, I will try it immediately because I’m using DAZ too !

wait!It may also be the type of mesh! I remember that I tried to apply apex on hair taken from Daz and gave me this error! while if I took hair from Mixamo it worked without errors! try with other mesh from other programs if you can !

I’ve tried with another mesh and it runs perfectly

perfect, I dont know what happen with this mesh … maybe could be polygon type or polygon density, anyway … solved!
was a pleasure help you :slight_smile:

for those who look here, this error can have two reasons!

1.when you export apx file make sure you select correct scale inch, foot , or else check the scale of maya or other program must be the same.

2.some mesh can have polygons that cause this error like daz’s mesh
you have to reduce polidensity as long as it works,
also if the subdivision of polygons It is very asymmetric may cause this problem

Hope help someone!