Problem with animations that fully rotate a character.


I’m trying to make a character do a flip and roll. The problem I have is that when it transitions back into the idle from these animations which fully rotate the character it interpolates back to 0°, causing the character to flip out all crazy.

I’m not sure whether I need to change something in the animations themselves or I can do something about it in Unreal.

I’m using Blender and all the Blender relates searches I’ve come up with seem to suggest just keeping the rotation at its full final 720° or whatever, which doesn’t work in a game engine.

Thanks in advance, I’m new at this.

Hmm thats interesting, I also have an animation for a jumproll which ends up with the characters first spine bone at a rotation of around 360. However when I interpolate from that into the idle nothing flippy happens.
I use two different states tho, you too?

I have 3 states, one for the jump starting, one for while in the air which is a looping flip animation which works fine, and one where the character lands, rolls on the ground, and then bounces up on their feet, with the end rotation being 720°.