Problem With Animation Workflow

Hi. I have a problem with animation workflow. I’ll try to explain it with an example:

I am trying to make a tank game. I’ll import lots of different tanks and each one of them is a different skeletal mesh. I need to control the tanks turret inside blueprint. But I also need to be able to play the animations I imported (like firing). I can do each one very easily on blueprint (play animation node for first one, poseable mesh for second one) but if I want to do both of them at the same time I have to use AnimBP.

Problem is this is very inefficient and unnatural. Inefficient part is that I have to setup essentially the same AnimBP for each one of my skeletal meshes. Each skeletal mesh has a bone named YawController which controls the turret. I thought if a give the same name to each one I can create a universal controller but apparently this is not the case. And unnatural part is playing animations in AnimBP. Every time I shoot I had to tick a boolean inside blueprint and then after a 0.1 second delay I had to untick it. And I cant play any other animation before that one finishes because of how the state machine works.

The thing is I want to make a very simple thing (rotate a bone, play an animation) and I dont think unreal is uncapable of that so there should be an easier solution to my problem. Any help appreciated. Thanks.