Problem with animation transition!

I’ve made an animation on maya for testing my new parkour system, so i imported it to ue4 and It looks just as expected, the problem is that when i make a transition to another state, what happens is that my character sort of moves down a little bit and then back up before making the transition, please note that the two animation poses are similiar to each other but they’re not identical, they’re both a standing pose and my parkour animation has root motion enabled because it’s a climb animation, and obviously this problem only happens when I set the blend duration to a value higher than 0.

This is a known bug that is being worked on [UE-19659]. The cause of this is suspected that “the base animations’ IK were not constrained when exported” in one or both animation sets, so your animations will need to be corrected at that level.

For more information on this issue, check out this link:

Thanks for the answer, that’s the exact same issue that have, I’m gonna follow along that thread that you pointed me to and see how this ends up :smiley: