Problem with animation root motion scale.

Here’s the detail.
I have a human model and couple animations.The model is about 18cm which needs to be scaled to 10 times.
Then I scaled it to 10.0 when importing it into UE4,same with all animations.
Problem happened,the root motion distance of the animation wont match,it’s like only 1/10 of the real distance on play(it’s correct in animation preview window).
So what can I do?
I tried to import the model with 1.0 scale but it’s too small to edit,very inconvenient.
So do I have to change all the scales of the model and animations(about 30) in 3dsmax?
Help me bros.

I ran into similar problem in the past. The quick and dirty fix is that you can put your model inside the blueprint, and then make that blueprint 10x bigger in the level.

Scaling model inside bp wont influent the actual distance of root motion and when game runs character still moves very little distance
Because it only follows the real length of rootmotion of what you made in the modeling software.
I actually found the solution,which is to set the rootmotion scale of the character.But this function is not public to blueprint so we need make an interface in cpp.