Problem with Animation in Widget

Hi Guys,

I am using a widget which has multiple animations in it. When I want a specific animation to play I call in from the widget “event graph” using play animation referencing the respective animation.

Example: I have a “red box” image which fades from 0.0 opacity to 1.0 (100% visible) over a time of 3 seconds.

However when I add the widget to viewport in game the “red box” image appears immediately. It seems to me that the animation jumps straight to the 3 second frame (end of animation) instead of playing it from the start (o seconds).

Does anyone know what the problem could be?

Can you show the timeline and the blueprint that triggers it?

Thx for your reply,

I’m trying to trigger the animation with the help of an “Event Dispatcher” called from my character BP and “Bind” event on the widgets “Event Graph”. This doesn’t work somehow.

For debugging I set up a key event (Space bar) in the character BP and trigger the animation this way and it works.

Does anyone have any idea why my animation isn’t working? THX!

So based on your debug test, we know that the animation is playing fine. This means it is most likely an issue with your Event Dispatcher or the widget receiving it.

To test for this, put a Print String node after you call the Event Dispatcher in the character BP, then put a second Print String in the Widget event when you receive it.

If the first print string works, then you know that the Event Dispatcher is being called.

If the second one works, then you know that the widget is receiving the event dispatcher and then perhaps it is an animation problem.

I would guess that the problem is one of these:

  • You just forgot to call the event dispatcher in the first place (this is an easy mistake to make)
  • Your “bind event” is not working because the character reference is somehow invalid
  • Or your “bind event” is not working because it is not being called.

But if you still can’t figure it out, then a screenshot of your blueprints (widget and character) would be very helpful.

The event dispatcher is working and firing when called. So this is not the reason.
For some really strange reason it just doesn’t play the animation. I have noticed that when I start the level the elements that I animated are not at the position where they should be (Frame 1 - 0.0 seconds). I have attached 2 screenshots to show how I hooked everything up.

Help much appreciated

! THX!

Widgets that are not in screen space or are Hidden don’t update. Could this be the case?

I haven’t quite sussed it out yet, but your tip defiantly pointed me in the right direction. Activating a
widget animation through an event dispatcher and getting it updated is tricky. I got it working using the event tick and a branch/condition Boolean to execute the animation. I’m not a big fan of using event ticks so I want to find a solution without using the tick.

Thx again!