Problem with Anim Starter Pack and UE Character on 4.8.3

Hi everybody,

I have 2 problems : - YouTube

  1. the character go under the ground but the capsule don’t move.
  2. The character glide on the floor when he hold the rifle instead of don’t move.

My project is : Dropbox - Error

Please, I need your help :confused:


Regarding 1.) - it’s a known issue and should be fixed in near future version (it’s no engine bug but an issue with the animations). Current third person and anim starter pack are broken - and root and pelvis of third person template and starter pack are different: Animation Blend Per Bool Issue - Weird Pop or Jump or something.. - Animation - Unreal Engine Forums

Regarding 2.) I would compare my projects with stuff like done here (which is working well even with 4.8.3): (probably you’ve mixed up something or used a wrong output somewhere).

Thanks you, but there is a fix by IAmJohnGalt75… not working on my simple project with the UE4 Mannequin. It’s normal ? Because someone wrote :
“Awesome work, IAmJohnGalt75! Hopefully this will be “officially” fixed soon but in the meantime I know a lot of users struggling with this that will appreciate your post.”

For the second problem, I use a french book named “Les cahiers du développeur” by Gregory De Gosselin. He sees my project and I have no problem. But there are some problem with no issue …

I made a video with the fix…>>>>>

Thank you, it’s a great work. I have tested ! But I have a new bug… - YouTube

Can I correct this movement? When I released Right Click, the animation plays always…
I have this new problem who never stop the animation…


I found a way to fix this problem (I’m using 4.9.2). After reading this thread, I checked the rotation of the root bone while playing the prototype I’m building, and there is an rotation offset in the root bone with the stock animations for the Third Person example.

What I did was reimport the original animations into the Mannequin in Maya and re-exported them. No need to change anything, just a simple import/export operation. This seems to fix the rotation problem in the root (See the images below).

I hope this helps.


Thanks John… nice sense of humor there too.