Problem with AJA Media Player plugin.


I’ve installed AJA Media Player plugin but can’t configure Input/Output and devices in AJA Media settings since there is no “AJA Media” option under Project Settings → Plugins. (AJA Media Player and Media Frameworj Utilities are enabled).

Due to this problem AJAMediaOutput settings don’t have any devices to work with (“No configuration found”).

Am I missing something trivial? It’s a shame to stuck at the beginning of the project :slight_smile:

I’m using UE 4.22.3 and latest AJA Media Player plugin with AJA Kona LHi.
I know this specific card is not supported, but settings menu should be in place without proper card, tight?

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

How has it been not answered in 4 years but one can buy AND use* an AJA Kona LHi card as I’m writing this?

So… wth is this?