Problem with Aim Offset not entering the Pose.

Hey guys,

I’m pretty new to Unreal, and this is my first time posting on here, so I apologise if I mess up.
Currently, I’m working on adding some animations that I whipped up in 3DSMax to unreal, the locomotion I have down, the character walks forward, back, and strafes left and right as intended, the rotation if the character comes from the mouse.
The character is an Archer, and since the yaw rotates the entire body, I wanted to create a 1D Aim Offset that blends between 3 poses, aiming center, up, and down. The Offset preview works as it should. I followed the unreal docs to create and implement it, and set up a condition for “Is Aiming” to be the go to on whether the OffSet is implemented. So if the RMB is held, it should use the offset, and not if its released.
I have it all plugged in as I should… (at least according to the various docs and web tutorials I’ve scoured while trying to fix it) but in game, the poses arent being updated correctly.
The condition works as there is movement in the spine when I press the RMB. But its not taking the same pose in the Aim Offset.

I’ll post some screenshots below, hopefully covering everything, if you guys require further information I’ll be more than happy to provide.

Just want to say thanks in advance for any help, this hitch has set me back over a week already :slight_smile: