Problem with Aim Offset not entering the Pose.

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Hey Guys!

Tried posting this a few hours ago, think my images may have crashed it, my apologies if this comes up twice, its my first time on here.

Ok, so I have a third person Archer set up in Unreal 4.18.2, and I have a movement state machine and input set and working correctly, I’ve followed the Unreal Docs on creating and implementing an Aim Offset, however I have it so theres a condition “if RMB is pressed” to enter the Offset, and not use it if not.
I have my character rotate on yaw with the camera, so I only need a 1D Offset for the pitch. I have Aim Mid, Up and Down set in the Offset and the preview is looking good. But when I implement this into my Anim BP it doesnt work like I’ve seen in other examples, I’ve tried a few web tutorials on youtube to see where I was going wrong, as well as going through the Unreal Docs with a fine toothpick to see if I missed anything.

The problem I’m having is that the condition is being met, and the Offset is being action, but it only seems to affect the spine, as the upper torso bends back and forth with the pitch of the camera, but the rest of the body continues with the idle animation in the movement state, and not the idle aiming, which is set.

I’ll post some screens below of everything I have, but I’m really at a loss here, it may well be something I’ve overlooked, but I’m just not seeing it, and I can’t seem to find anyone else having the same issues as me.

Many thanks in advance for any and all responses, I’ve lost a lot of time to this little hitch and I’d love to learn how to get passed it.