Problem with AI Waypoints

Hello everyone. I’m going to try to explain my problem as best as I can.

I’ve managed to put together a behaviortree for my AI which allows him to do the following:

  • Idle - Walk between waypoints
    *Chase the player if spotted
    *Attack the player if close enough
    *Search after the player if player was spotted but lost vision

This works quite nice but there is only one problem I got with this and that is the waypoints. The waypoints are an actor blueprint that I’ve placed in the scene and my AI is choosing randomly which one to walk to - This is not what I want.

I was thinking if it’s possible somehow to create two waypoints for each AI characterblueprint which can be dragged around the scene(The 2 waypoints are a part of the AI characterblueprint) and in the behaviortree to tell the AI to walk between them?

Is this possible to do? If so - is there anything I should look into? Any documentation?

Thanks in advance


You could add two (or more) billboard components, then spawn your actors at the billboards at begin play. Path between those.

There are better (but more complex) solutions to this.