Problem with AdditionalStructureEngrams? Need to rebuild base item.

Hey fellow modders!

I’ve created the Primitive+ mod in the workshop and I’ve made some custom engrams and added them to the respective items in AdditionalStructureEngrams. I’ve made sure that I am selecting the right object to go into AdditionalStructureEngrams and mapping them correctly, (not the PrimalItem). The mod works but only when the original structure, in this case the smithy, has been destroyed and rebuilt.

Does anyone have any idea if this is a known thing or I’m doing something wrong? Thanks for taking a look!

So to clarify, your question is; Is there a way around having to destroy existing structures on a server/save to get it to work as intended?

I was a bit confused by the exact question you were trying to ask, so I just want to clarify for my sake >.<

If so, I don’t think it is anything you are doing wrong. Correct me if I am wrong here, but essentially you are making a Core-Mod, which generally speaking can possibly require a wipe to implement properly. I think it’s just a part of replacing an existing Vanilla item on an existing save as things are currently. I say this, because I’ve seen quite a few people having mentioned about having to destroy things on their server, before seeing any changes be implemented (so basically “respawning” has to occur for it to change it) with Core-Mods.

ComplexMind, sinarisinestro is right. For changes to an items inventory to take place, that object has to be spawned in. This is also why core changes to dino’s do not happen until the new dino’s are spawned in. Each item/dino/object is it’s own unique entity after it has been “created” in the world. For most changes to take place, they do have to be created/spawned in after the change was implemented.

So what would be the ideal approach, if any? At this point users are having to re-create a smithy every time I add a new object that requires it to be crafted on it. I can see the appetite for this decreasing as time goes on.

Yea, they will definitely complain and moan for sure. If you were doing this in a “core-mod” it would be a different story completely. But everytime you modify that “additional structure engrams” file, it is creating a new inventory for your smithy. Unfortunately the new inventory does not transfer into the old smithy’s.

Thanks for the insight! Very much appreciated. Although it would require more work, would it be possible to recreate the smithy and subclass/remap engrams to use this new smithy? Would that eliminate the issue above? I’d imagine there’s a way if the ARK team can add new BP’s to the smithy without us needing to recreate it. Is that what you are referring to as a “core” mod?

Yes, you could do that also. I know you didn’t see the main forums complaining about having to rebuild their smithy’s because of the bear traps and scythe (both built in the smithy).

Re-doing the smithy will definitely solve your rebuild problems (they will have to still build your smithy) but after that is done, all changes you make with just change the internal inventory. Just make sure that you have your own inventory in the smithy.

I don’t think so, but I could be mistaken (in regards to remapping current existing smithy stuff to use new smithy, some of it yes, but not all of it). It might just be easier even at this point just to make a NEW smithy as a new item as well altogether instead of trying to add functionality to the existing Smithy. That way you don’t have to deal with this issue (I believe). Also that way, if they ever add any new items into the Smithy then you don’t have to worry about a manual update to get them to work.

Thank you for your time and feedback! Ill most likely be adding quite a few things that use the smithy over the course of time, so it may be the most viable option at this point.

Absolutely… Creating a new smithy seems like the best way to go for now although it means that all items that use a smithy in the game need to point to the new smithy.

I believe if you just duplicate the smithy, and remap it with the item remap that it should be able to use all existing items that would normally work in the smithy. It will be duplicating the inventory component so therefore duplicating the compatible items with the smithy.

This is where creating a new smithy gets complicated… I’m not %100 sure about the item remap capability (in regards to replacing your smithy in the required items). The last time I did a re-work on something that crafts, it required a LOT of other items, so fingers crossed on that not being the case anymore!

You should also know that if you replace the smithy, you will have issues stacking your mod with others. Just pointing that out in case you hadn’t considered that.

All good things to consider. I think I will hold off for my now. My server is going to kill me with the constant smithy rebuilds haha! Thanks again for the community advice!