Problem with adding structure element to array

Hello everyone, I have a problem with adding structure element in array. What i need to do for solving the problem?
Screenshot 2021-12-22 153832
Screenshot 2021-12-22 153912

You need a combination of the first and second pictures.

In this case, it would be easier to use vector 2d

What a combination?

You need both connected:

Oh, its a bad screenshot , i have a conn in this case. In this example i add first elem with default values and second with not default:

As u can see i have conn pin, but first elem havens any vals…

U are right, but this is not a solution of a problem. I cant understand how i should add new element in arr with full data(Even if its contain a default values), thanks

Have you tried printing the results? ( you can’t trust the debugger output ).

Yep, because id start debuging. But in last exxample all valueas of all elements were printed…So, why debugger dont catch real changes?

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That I don’t know, but I never rely on it…

Ok. Thanks for answer!

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