Problem with add static mesh component node and being context sensitive

Hello everyone. Today I was following along with unreal’s blueprint essentials training video (10- using loops: procedural design) and at one point in the video we are suppose to select our basewall mesh (in the viewport) and right click in blueprint to open up the function "add static mesh"in reference to our selected mesh. However, there is no reference to that mesh showing up in blueprint at all. Whenever I select the mesh within my components panel in blueprint itself, I do get a reference to it with some functions you can use, but there is still no reference to my mesh with the “add static mesh” function. I have the context sensitive checkbox checked. Is this a bug? or is there something I am missing? Thanks for any help.

Drag your mesh directly from content browser to your blueprint event graph.

It still does not work. I can drag in my component mesh, however when I try to attach it to the add static mesh component node’s target I get this message "static reference component mesh is not compatible with actor reference.

If you click your mesh in content browser and drag it into your blueprint event graph, it will be a addstaticmesh component node with the name of your static mesh.

Okay thank you very much. I have figured it out!