Problem with actor with a static mesh component

I’m making a 3d card game, with ue4.22.3 for android, with panoramic photos as background,
the problem I’m finding is with the actor representing the cards. It’s an actor with a static mesh component (the actual mesh of the card) and three text renderers under the mesh (you can see the structure in the first image)
Now I have an actor which contains four of those card actors to represent the player cards (img2). I use this mostly because when I move the camera to “explore” the panoramic photos I need to move the cards accordingly to be in front of the camera.
The problem is, sometimes when I move the GameTableBP actor or the single CardsBP actor some of the parts of the card don’t move (for example, the text renderers would move but the mesh’d stay still and I can’t find a way to regain control over the “lost” parts).

Img3 is the code that moves the single card when selected. it’s basically a simple lerping to a reference point (I don’t know if the screen is readable, I can make it again, maybe in two parts, if needed)

Img4 is the CardPicture details (CardPicture is the static mesh component in the CardsBP actor)

Img5, shows the two main cards not moving with the camera and clipping with the third card which is moving.

I sincerely don’t know what else could be useful to show, so if there’s something missing I’ll add.

Thanks to everyone who’ll respond