problem with a struct

I can not not get this to compile. Says error : Unrecognized type ‘fAllRotation’ - type must be a UCLASS, USTRUCT or UENUM

struct fAllRotation
    TArray<FString> MapSettings;
TArray<fAllRotation> Sv_MapRotation;

What is the proper way to get this working? I need the Sv_MapRotation set as a globalconfig property.

You are missing


before the struct keyword

does not work putting it there.

Have you tried like… I don’t know, googling it? It took me literally 2 seconds to look this up.


Using Structs

the answer is this


Sorry it bothers ya, That i asked a question?
What’s this forum for?

So what’s your point? does it just ■■■■ ya off that i did not google it? grow up!

#include "Engine/UserDefinedStruct.h"
#include "YourStructs.generated.h"

class YOURAWESOME_API UYourStructs : public UUserDefinedStruct

struct FAllRotation
    TArray<FString> MapSettings;

Thats how it work.
I didnt try but I think it wouldnt work with low register “f” for fAllRotation.

Thanks HorusWM

I looked back over my ustructs and see that I have both the USTUCT_BODY and GENERATED_BODY. I dimly recall reading that GENERATED_BODY could be used in all cases now.