Problem with a recoil animation.

Hello everyone !

At the moment, I am trying to make a shooting animation with my character (I am currently using UE4 V 4.17.1.)
The problem is that, when the pitch value change (-45 to 45 degrees), it change the recoil animation (for example, at 45° of pitch, the gun recoil is “inverted”, but between 0 and -45°, I have not this problem.)
I am using an anim montage to launch the recoil animation with a slot called “UpperBody” (I can shoot when I aim, and the aiming animation is using an anim offset.)

(I can’t post an image anymore to show you the details, I doesn’t work.)

Can somebody help me with that? I am stuck for some days because of that :frowning:

Thank you in advance for your answers :slight_smile:

What do you mean by inverted? The most common problems is caused by the ease in and ease out of the montage on a short sequence like a recoil. Change them to 0 and see what happens.

Sorry, I don’t know how to explain it correctly … Let’s say if I aim up, the gun recoil go down instead of up, but if I aim forward or down, I haven’t this problem (Do you know what I mean?)
I didn’t set ease in and out on the shooting animation, so the problem is somewhere else … I’ll search again

P.S: Thank you for your answer anyway :wink: