Problem with a holed mesh and collisions

I have this mesh generated from 2 BSP brushes:

I want to place an object in the holed space. The object should collide with the inner walls of the frame, but the frame collision box seems to cover the entire mesh (no hole is generated in the collision box).

I know i could simply split the frame in four segments, but i would like to know if it is possible to avoid that.

See ya!

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Hi Ariath,

The image indicates you have a single collision box that surrounds your whole mesh. You have several options to the results you would like.

  • You can open your mesh in the Static Mesh Editor and choose Collision in the menu bar > Add Box Simplified Collision > Do this four times (one for each wall) > Select each box and scale to fit each wall.
  • Second in the Static Mesh Editor you can remove all collision boxes > Go to the Details panel on the right > set the Collision Complexity to “Use Complex Collision as Simple”. This will use the mesh as collision.
  • Lastly, would be the option to use custom UCX collision hulls created in a modeling application. When you import you can uncheck the 1 convex hull per UCX to use holed UCX meshes. I would suggest reading the documentation here to fully understand how this could affect your mesh.

I hope this helps.


The second solution is exactly what i was looking for, it works now like a charm, thanks! :smiley:

Great! Glad it’s working the way you’d like. :slight_smile: