Problem While Importing Architecture Model

Hi Everyone,

I’m new on unreal engine but since I’ve seen this video showing the inside of a loft in Paris made with UE4 I’m only dreaming about doing the same stuff ! For the moment I’ve figured out a few things by my self but the main thing still doesn’t work, I want to import a model from Archicad (the software I’m using for the plans and 3D model). Archicad can’t export in FBX but I found a way to save it it 3DS and then convert it in FBX. Still when I import the FBX in my content it comes out only as one big mesh, the scale is wrong, the light is ****ed up, and to sum up I can’t do anything with the model…

My question might seem a bit complicated and I might not explain it clearly but if someone understood and is able to help me I would be eternally grateful since I want to do my master project with this software.

Thanks in advance.

Units are in cm, try scaling the object when importing. Make sure your model has two UV maps. I was having a hard time with this as well, I don’t use FBX 2014 which the developers encourage, perhaps that tool automatically creates a duplicate UV map if it only detects a single map.