Problem when throwing an object and moving the character at the same time

Hello !
In my game, the character can pick up glowsticks and throw them to get some light. I did that to create the physics for the glowstick :

And I made it spawn onto an arrow (I created an arrow called Item Location that I put a bit before the character to not make it spawn in the character), and I put an “Attach Actor to Actor” to make it follow the character when moving as there’s a little delay before throwing :

I put the rules on “Keep world” because it was the only one that was working, the snap to target would snap it into the character, preventing him to move until it’s thrown, and keep relative do nothing.
And it works well, but only if the character isn’t moving. If I throw the glowstick while moving, the glowstick spawn at the good place, but the character is pushed like hell in the opposite direction, and the glowstick is thrown with way more strenght than it should. It’s the first time I use physics, and I don’t really understand what cause that. I guess it would be something with the Attach node, but I don’t understand what. Or is it with the spawn ?

Thanks in advance for the answers !

Try using Add Impulse instead of Set Linear Velocity; this way it will account for the character speed.

And maybe you want to detach it from the character when thrown. Although physics component aren’t affected by the parent in any way, once you throw it away, you don’t want it in your character hierarchy anymore.

Just replacing the linear velocity by add impulse doesn’t seem to change something :confused: Could it be a collision problem between the character and the glowstick ? And as I put a destroy actor at the end, doesn’t it remove the glowstick from the character hierarchy anyway ? (but yes, maybe better to do it when thrown)

GOSH DARN IT ! In fact, it was a problem of collision between the glowstick and the character… When it was spawning, I guess it was clipping a bit in it, leading to this problem. I moved a bit the arrow where the glowstick spawn, and it works… I hate when it’s a reason that dumb x)