Problem when moving and reordering folders inside a project


I’m having problems with my folders: I have some scenes which folders are inside the Content folder of the project, however, I want to put all those folders inside an unique one inside the main Content folder, for example: Content/my_project_1/all the folders of the project.

However, when I move the folders inside that unique one (through the Unreal editor, not Windows explorer), the assets lose their materials and textures, etc. And I have tried in many different modes but always the same! Happened with different projects I have tried.

Thank you in advance!

Confirmed. In a complete scene I have, it doesn’t matter what I do; it always fails.

If you want to test it, you can try with this free model I downloaded from the web: Dropbox - - Simplify your life

3 minutes workround: Place the content of the package in the Content folder of any project. Open the project. Inside it, create a new folder inside Content. Select all the new-model folders into that new folder. Close the project and re-open it. Go to the Content/new_folder/wuti folder and open the object (it’s a blueprint with all meshes). You will see that the material is wrong now: something like wood instead of textile.

Thank you!