Problem when duplicate character (cast to ... : how to bulk replace)

Hi everybody,

I think it’s not possible, but it’s a very huge work if i have to do it manually (and source of problems):
I’ve duplicated a character XXX in YYY (impossible to herite, there is a lot of modifications) and, there is a lot of call to Cast to XXX in my eventgraph, and also in my animation blueprint.
I have to replace Cast to XXX by Cast to YYY… but i don’t know how.
And when i replace it, all properties are “linked” to XXX, not YYY - so i’ve also to rewrite all set and get !!! There is more than One thousand links to update !
Do you have a solution ?

There is a “replace reference” in Asset action… but don’t know how to use it… and it’s probably not for that use.

Thanks in advance,

Maybe it’s too late to answer… you propably find a way out or went through the trouble of re-coding (or re-blueprinting to be more exact). But, I found a solution: you just have to create a child out of your XXX. Then, this child character will inherit everything and the call cast to the properties are going to be implementable on the child.

it’s also possible to redefine a function or custom event on the child. The one on the parent will be cancelled!

Hope it will help someone…