Problem when creating Touch Buttons

I’m trying to create touch buttons using Widget Buttons. It works fine, but when I add the Touch Interface, It blocks the Buttons, and I can’t touch the widget Buttons. It’s not even covering it, but I can’t touch any Widget element when the Touch Interface is on screen. So what can I do to solve this? Can anybody help me please?

Hi! As I know Touch Interface is added in UPlayerController class. Most of it is in these methods

virtual void EndPlay(const EEndPlayReason::Type EndPlayReason) override;
virtual void CreateTouchInterface() override;
virtual void CleanupGameViewport() override;
virtual void ActivateTouchInterface(class UTouchInterface* NewTouchInterface) override;
virtual void SetVirtualJoystickVisibility(bool bVisible) override;

The main problem is that default TouchInterface overlap all screen, while sticks are painted only in the corners.

  • One of the workarounds is to create custom player controller class and override this methods in the way you want
  • You also can be interested in creating custom version of SVirtualJoystick to customize sticks themselves