Problem when creating Touch Buttons

I’m trying to create touch buttons using Widget Buttons. It works fine, but when I add the Interface Joypads, It blocks the Buttons, and I can’t touch the widget Buttons. It’s not even covering it, but I can’t touch any Widget element when the Interface Joypad is on screen. So what can I do to solve this? Can anybody help me please?

You activate touch interface at runtime?
Create the widget after you activate the touch interface. Also make sure your widget is not hit testable (self only)

are you using a add to player screen node? if so than i think that goes to a lower layer and dus letting the joysticks take over the screen. Change the add to player node to Add to viewport and the touch inputs should work for both interfaces. That fixed my problem. You can try to change the Z orders in the drop down of the add to player screen node but i’m not sure if that will help.