Problem, warning skeletal mesh is has no vertex influences.

Bonjour, tous le monde. (Je suis désolé si je parle mal anglais, mais je suis francais) lol

Alors, quand j’importe une voiture dans ue4, j’ai ce message ‘warning skeletal mesh is has no vertex influences’ et je sais pas d’où ça vient ?
Et, j’utilise comme logiciel Autodesk Alias en suite j’export et j’importe dans c4d, et j’importe dans ue4.

Hello everybody. (I’m sorry if I speak little English, but I’m french) lol
So when I import a car into EU4, I have this message ‘warning is skeletal mesh vertex influences Has No’ and I know not where it comes from?
And I use as Autodesk Alias software suite and I export I import in C4D, and I import in EU4.

Your mesh is not weighted to the skeleton.
If you don’t know how to do the weighting, search tutorials for the program you’d like to use.

BTW: not sure why you export/import your model from Maya to C4D to UE4 instead of directly Maya>UE4 or C4D>UE4.