Problem: Video stops but audio keeps playing

I am having an issue that I hope someone can help me find the solution to. I have a setup consisting of a trigger that upon overlap the game is paused and a widget and viewport are called up wherein an mp4 file begins playing. A few seconds into the video the option to skip is given. This cancels the video and the pause and also dismisses the widget and viewport. I finally got this scenario working only now when I choose to skip the video everything works as described except the audio keeps on playing and I cannot figure out why, especially considering it is an mp4 file.

Here is the blueprint event graph: Play Video in viewport > | PasteBin For Unreal Engine 4

Any advice would be greatly appreciated. As much as I desire to become proficient with blueprints it is slow going.

Thanks all.

I solved this same issue with my flycam but I was using a soundwave instead of an mp4 movie file. But I had to turn my soundwave into an audio component to get it to turn off with stop. I’m not sure if it works also with movie media files.

tozan, I appreciate your response. I will try your suggestion. Thanks.

Well, so far I have tried it with and without separate audio files and still no joy. This is a problem as the project calls for a few of these points as well as calling up a gallery of pictures. I appreciate your suggestion tozan.