Problem using actor rotation :)

Hey guys i’m working on a little platformer and i am currently adding wall jumping, i’ve already gotten the jump working no problem, but now i want to not only have him launch in the Z Axis but also on the X Axis so it launches him forward, towards the direction you are looking. problem is everytime i try to get the actor rotation it doesnt work. i’ve added an image of what my blueprint looks like so far :slight_smile: Pay no attention to the break and make vectors in the bottom right :slight_smile:

No one ? :frowning:

._. am i posting this in the wrong section or something xD?

I haven’t messed with LaunchCharacter much, are the values you’re giving it strong enough?

Also, what about it isn’t working? He’s only going up? Going nowhere? You should also detach that second launch in case a second invocation is doing funky things.

You shouldn’t need to get the rotation of it you should just be able to get the velocity of the character in the direction he is already travelling and then perform a jump. If you look at the blueprint examples in the template characters you should be able to extract from theirs how to achieve it.

I want to add that when i wall jump i can kinda push off, so wanted i wanted to do was just launch in the + X axis, but it always uses the World axis’s.

And i can launch the charector quite easily :slight_smile:

Okay i tried making a line trace, and then breaking the hit result, taking the impact point and then launching it towards it, but it just flings me off at incredible speeds. i thought it might be adding the velocity so i tried to minus the velocity. but that did nothing :slight_smile:

(Seems like i got it working ^^ thanks for the tip of loosing the secound launch. if anyone is looking for a way to do this i would gladly give you guys some screen shots)