Problem using action key mapping for similar functions

Hello to everyone, another new person here trying to learn Unreal Engine 4. I am having a slight issue at the moment, I have the left mouse bound to an action mapping, and it works fine with triggering blueprints. I am also trying to get it to work with picking up/dropping physics items, which does work fine under a different input, but it will not even attempt to fire the event. Is it possible to use the same input for two different actions like that, or am I just chasing shadows?

Screenshots of the blueprints in question.

You’ll likely need to separate the InputAction into “States” the player can be in or a series of Branch statements…

Just putting “F” and executing from there gets super tricky if you ever want your players to remap their keyboard…

I realized that late last night while watching more videos, thank you for reminding me that I may need to make a new input action. Have never even heard of states, but will dive in and see what I can do with it, thanks for the advice :slight_smile:

After thinking for a couple minutes, I tried adding in one branch node to determine if the trace hit a physics object or not, and if not to trigger the door, and it is working perfectly how I wanted now, have no idea why it didn’t come to me before I asked and read an answer about them. Will still look into states, I’m sure it will come in handy. Thanks again for the help, really appreciate it.

no prob…States is really just a Switch based on something…so Really just use “Switch” and you’ll be fine if you end up with a lot of branches…happy to hear you’ve progressed…