Problem Uploading to Steam

I was learning how to mod ark watched video two tutorial. Followed everything in video works in editor when test just adding a reinfored chitin armor as a test. When I go to cook I get like 7k errors for some reason. I only have like 7 files.
Is that normal? Then I go to upload cmd opens starts to upload and I can just see the word error as it closes but never uploads. Any help I cant seem to find what I am doing wrong.

How are you uploading? With steamCMD or with the editor?

Warning’s when cooking are normal, errors however are not. Are you sure you are not confusing the two possibly?

Also we need more info surrounding this; as Akukiyo mentioned how are you uploading? SteamCMD, modtool, built in uploader/cooker? Are those 7 files any of your modified BP’s?

Using the editor it opens steamcmd window. Just warning when i cook no errors when cooking. Just the error on uploading I can see it flash real fast “error” as it closes the window. Yes the Primal game data BP copied and renamed from generic mod. Then set the test game mode in it. Using the ark dev kit upload to steam button then cook then upload.

Tried using different maps “names” As my level file is called reinforceditems and blueprint is reinforceditem both didnt work. The file are in a folder called reinforced under mods. Just has the chitin armor blueprints and items blueprints with recolored icons to be exact has 18 files. That is the whole mod.

Also using editor version 201.5 and windows 10.

the Maps name is your level files name (the orange box that says level) If you named it ReinforcedItems then the Maps name is ReinforcedItems
You need to open the level and set your primal game data file that you customized and named something with the name PrimalGameData inside of it or it won’t work.

So when you cook and click your ModFolderName type your ModLevelName in the Maps part and cook.
Steam may not upload for multiple reasons
You may have steamguard and didn’t clear the editor
You may have deleted the mod on steam and it’s still using the same ID but steam is blocking you
You may have an issue with the cooked files
etc… etc…

I think I found the error in logs says my png file is to large.

Yep that was it uploaded fine resized png to 8 bit.

How do you fix the problem if the mod was deleted on steam workshop and its now blocking uploads?

I had this problem with one of mine after deletion…Try the “Reset Mod GUID” on the cook/upload dialog. Fixed it for me.