Problem: Unreal merges elements after importing skeletal mesh (from Max)

I don’t know what else to do…
When I import a character with 3 different meshes, it doesn’t recognize one of them as an independent one with its own element box.


I have a character composed by 3 different meshes: The main body, one shield, and one axe. The three are independent, isolated meshes in 3DsMax, not children/parent or constrained to anything. All the three have independent material slots assigned to them in Max. When I export from Max, I do everything regular, (embedding materials or not doesn’t solve the problem). I’ve tryed changing the axe’s mesh name, exporting as editable mesh or editable poly, but no matter will do the same.
In unreal, the shield mesh gets perfectly imported, and in Max, both the shield and axe have the same features, the only difference I can acknowledge is that shield mesh is skinned to left forearm bone, while axe is skinned to right hand bone…
any idea?


Thankyou in advance!