problem tv video

hi guys

I’m trying to create a scene , how can I modify all materials walls ceilings with a simple click , so far so good …
but on tv I created an average texture that when click the video starts … like TV on / off. when I am in play mode tv works well .
but when I walk into launch mode the video on tv not starts . someone help me

Hi !
Well to me, I play the video thank’s to the blueprint like this screen image

Hope it will help you :slight_smile:

hi pmcf1981 !
check your URL in media player

I’ve got the same Problem…
I’ve tried to Save All… Restart… But it won’t work in Game Mode…



As far as I figured out, the Projects that I created with the 4.7.3 Engine still working with Videos.
But, if I start a new Project with the 4.7.4 Engine, Videos just work in Play Mode, not in the Game or Launch Mode itself.

can I ask how do you get a video clip in texutre/material in a first place? Could not figure it out. Nor what formats are supported. I tried adding an avi to texture sample but that doesn’t work.

I use *.mp4-Files.
And to make an Texture or Material out of it, just right click it and then choose Create Media Texture.
Then You can right click the Media Texture and choose Create Material.
Don’t forget to choose Emissive Color for the Media Texture Material.
And, You must Place the Media Files in a Folder called Movies inside the Content Folder.

Hope this will help. Or did I missunderstood You?

Yes, exactly what I meant! Thank you so much. Will try.

Edit: Yep, that worked! Thanks again…very new at this so…

You’re very Welcome :wink:
I’m glad that it helped :wink:

You’ll find very useful Tutorials on Youtube. Especially for Beginners.

Or You check the Documentation from UE4 like this one:

The only Problem right now is that the MediaPlayer ( MediaFramework )
doesn’t work in the LaunchMode since the 4.7.4 Hotfix.
But maybe, that’s a Problem of Mine and I just do something wrong :wink:

Tell Me, if it work’s for You and what You have Done to make it work :wink:

Yer, just learning it, so a lot of things to cover before I start a real test project. Thanks for the links, will check them out. The documentation one I already have.