Problem to packaging

Guys i have a problem with the packaging. What i can do? See the logs below.
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Hello ,

I have a couple of questions to help me narrow down the issue you are experiencing:

  1. Have you deleted you intermediate and saved folder?
  2. The log mentioned that you do not have visual studio installed, You can download visual studio from here: Visual Studio Express | Now Visual Studio Community
  3. Looking through your logs, your project is sending lots of errors for textures and materials missing and not finding the files for them. This may be causing your project not to cook

Here is an example of one of the warnings for your materials:

LogUObjectGlobals:Warning: Failed to load '/Game/Environment/Meshes/Foliage/SM_Cave_Grass_01a': Can't find file for asset '/Game/Environment/Meshes/Foliage/SM_Cave_Grass_01a' while loading NULL.
[2017.03.23-19.37.21:580][572]UATHelper: Packaging (Windows (64-bit)): UE4Editor-Cmd: [2017.03.23-19.37.21:512][  0]LogLinker:Warning: Can't find file '/Game/Environment/Meshes/Foliage/SM_Cave_Grass_01a'
  1. I deleted only the intermediate folder because if i delete saved folder, will be delete all my project.

  2. I have installed visual studio but now i am installing the newest one to make sure that this isn’t the problem.

3)How i can fix this. the textures and materials are there but not in the folder that is saying. For example: The warning that you showing me now, says that its in the “enviroment” folder, this foliage. But first it starts from the “Starter Pack” folder.

How i can fix the 3rd one? its a big mess. Almost all of the textures and materials didn’t found in the cooking.

Any solution?

Deleting the saved folder will not delete your entire project. Make sure that you can package a template, start up a new third person template and try to package it to see if that works. Start as simple as possible and build one piece at a time.

Your issue may be due to a material in your project having a null reference. Check your materials for any reference issues and package your game again.

If the build fails again, could you upload the log from that attempt?

So i moved all the files that where missing in the previous log and now i have this log with those errors.

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Hello ,

Your newest log shows that during packaging for your project you run out of available memory, this will cause a package to fail. This leak of memory could be from a number of sources in a project. Without more information about where the leak is coming from, I cannot investigate further. If you can track the cause of the leak we can re-investigate your issue.

I know about the memory. It crashed 4 times but i didn’t know that this was causing the failing on packaging. I will try to track what is causing it but do you have any ideas from where to start searching about this?

I found this. is everything ok here?

Here is the new log. i changed the streaming pool at 2000 from 3500. So i think it did better but at the end my ram is running out.

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Hey a couple of questions about your latest crash:

  1. Looking at your logs, some of your errors appear to be from marketplace content. Do your builds fail in a new project with that marketplace content?
    2.If so, could you send that crash log as well?

Looking over your logs and the screenshot attached, your level is doing some heavy texture streaming, In our latest Engine update 4.15.1, we have made many changes to our texture streaming process which may help your issue we have documentation for texture streaming here: Texture Streaming in Unreal Engine | Unreal Engine 5.1 Documentation.

For upgrading projects to a newer version, I strongly recommend opening a copy of the project to the newest version, rather than converting to the newest version.

Overall looking at the warnings and errors in your logs, you appear to have some materials that are not compiling correctly, Hierarchical Instanced Static Meshes that are being rebuilt, files that cannot be found. Fixing these warnings could help resolve your packing error.


hi, i transferred it at version 4.15 and again the same. out of memory…
I am gonna destroy my pc because its getting me crazy. Can’t just use 16GB memory. 16GB! Look the logs.

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Please i can’t figure out what i need to do!

Hello ,

Based on the logs you sent, I am still seeing a lot of the errors and warnings I have mentioned previously. To assist you further I will need you to send me an updated log when those issues have been resolved.

So, i fixed all the errors and almost all the warnings (just 45 warnings), but now it says that cant find the folder “FXVillesBloodVFXPack” but i deleted it because i didn’t use it.

I don’t think so that this is the problem, because at the end of the log says “AutomationTool exiting with ExitCode=1 (Error_Unknown)”.

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Since you have resolved the errors, have you deleted your Saved and Intermediate folder?

Thank you, i fixed it! My game is done! Now i am going to create the next chapter of this game! :wink: