problem to open door with key

Can anybody help me? I have a problem that I can not open a door when I have a specific key, in fact it is not running the animation for the port open but it recognizes that I have the key, I am leaving 3 images, from the log, from the door blueprint and character bluenprint

It is rather a common problem people have got with empty References.
Error poped up because “Porta Seg 1” isn’t referring to any existing object and engine doesn’t really know which actor it is referring to. You have to set it before you can use it.

In this specific case inside you porta-seg blueprint navigate to on OnComponentBeginOverlap(Box) event and from CastToprincipalBP from AsPrincipalBP pin drag off the SetPortaSeg1 node and assign this door(self) to empty pin. This way you will set the reference to PortaSeg1 inside your principalBP and won’t get the error.

I cant assign the door mesh

Of course, you can’t. PortaSeg1 variable in principalBP is referring to porta-seg object. You need to assign whole porta-seg actor instead of mesh.
Use GetAReferenceToSelf node.

thanks, it worked, now I just have to sort the animation