Problem: The engine compiles every time we do changes to our project

Hello everyone. We are a bunch of hobbyists having trouble building our project with c++ . Every time we do simple changes to our project’s source code and press the build button, the engine is recompiled. This issue is too time consuming.

Here is our setup:

-UE4 is compiled on an external hard drive.

-We are using visual studio 2013 express.

-our system meets required specs.

Thanks for reading.

conveniently we found this 27 minutes after posting our question.

This only works on vs professional tough.

So all you have to do to only build the game in express if you don’t have professional is select the desired compilation build from the dropdown (i.e. DebugGame, Development Editor, ect ect)
Then in the solution explorer select the project under the Games folder Right Click → Build



#Compile Specific Project With 1 Key Press

I have a tutorial on how you can still recompile only your current project, and not the Engine,

with a single Key Press

Wiki Link


This not helps!

Even Project Only → build not helps!

Engine compiles every time you change anything. :frowning:

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#See my Answer Above

I already gave you the answer

read my wiki link

I was having same issue until I used the above information that I arranged for you

the key word in my tutorial is “Current”

this is how you build only ONE project, which is your game, rather than all, which includes engine