Problem that I can't resolve since few hours. (Jumping Animation)

Hello guys,

I’m beginner in gamedev however I have a “blast” and I am really enjoying “gamedev” and I am putting into it as much time as I can. However since few hours I can’t resolve problem - probably easy one - but not for me.

As you can see on the video I can’t set properly jumping animation. I tried different things… like “breaking” in different ways jump animation but I am not sure if I am doing it properly or the problem is somewhere else.

I unchecked “animation loop” and I played with “ratio time” but still nothing.

I’m sorry for posting it here however I couldn’t find answer and help in google.

The jump animation I’m using is the one from mixamo: There is no direct link so here is screen which one:

Basically it’s single jump animation however I split it to 3 : Jump_Start, Loop and End by removing unnecessary frames @ Unreal Engine animation tool.

Hope someone will be able to help me. :frowning:

The problem is caused by the constant speed and velocity of the movement component The moment you press jump the capsule will start moving up and then down not allowing any time for shifting of the body weight.

There are a few ideas as how to brute force a fix that’s a bit tricky.

  1. Throttle the Z velocity of the capsule at a set point with in the cycle. At the start of the jump for example set the Z jump velocity to 0 (zero) and then reset the velocity back to the constant value. You could also tie a time line into the Z Velocity that feeds a curved value into the movement component.
  2. Back key the cycle. In the start cycle for every unit the capsule moves up move the animation down then back up to counter the constant movement.