Problem swapping out first-person for third-person

I’m running into an interesting snag:

I built a level using the first-person template, but later decided that I wanted to be able to actually see a body when looking down. So I opened up the first-person character blueprint, selected the mesh in the components bar, changed it to SK_Mannequin in the details bar, reassigned the anim class to ThirdPerson_animBP, repositioned the body relative to the camera so that the camera is basically the mannequin’s head, then compiled. All standard stuff.

In the viewport, everything looks to be in order. The mannequin’s body and camera are facing the same direction as the Arrow Component. But when I hit play, the body is always facing to the right, at a perfect 90 degree angle to the camera’s direction. It moves the way it’s supposed to: it goes forward when I hit W, backwards with S, all as it should be. But when it’s moving forward, if I look down, the animation is that of the the body running to the right even though it’s really moving forward. I go back into the viewport, re-angle the body any number of degrees in any direction and compile, but when I hit play, it’s always the exact same thing: the body always faces 90 degrees to the right of the camera’s direction.

What am I missing? I’ve watched several tutorials on how to swap out a first-person character with a third-person, and I’ve followed them to the letter, but I keep getting this 90-degree-right offset. I feel like I’m going crazy. Anyone experience this or have any advice?