Problem surrounding blend-spaces

I’ve been making a survival game recently and have gotten to the point where I’m importing my own animations and character. I set up a blend-space for the movement, but for some reason, despite having a working blend-space (I checked by changing a variable out-of-play), my character’s animations will not function because the speed variable won’t set itself correctly. The code looks like this.

I am using Unreal Engine 4.25.4

Hang on a minute.
Why do you expect to get a Speed out of a Calculate Direction node?

Have you gone back to the base character and checked it’s code?

I have. But it seems to work, although badly as when I tell UE4 to multiply the amount output by ‘calculate direction’ by 200, it works jerkily, though there is probably a block I need to use instead.
Can you enlighten me as to what that might be?
Regards, Hazmat

Sorry, I have my problem worked out. I didn’t convert velocity into vector length squared. My blueprints are below if anyone has the same issue

Regards, Hazmat