Problem signing an APP for iOS

I’m trying to upload a Test App into app store but I’m having some problems signing the app.

I’ve strictly followed the iOS quickstart guide, but I’m having this error when importing mobileprovision:

File not found… UE4Game-Info.plistSo I try to upload it manually from project settings. I upload both provisioning profile and certificate. They both are prompt as green and valid.

When I package the game and upload it using application loader it fails.

“File not found… UE4Game-Info.plist”

I’ve tried everything, using wildcard bundle name, using the exact name… Nothing works.

I will appreciate some help on this as I need it to upload my apps. Thank you very much!

Why does no one from unreal ever answer these specific .ipa problems that Unreal users have been having for over a year?

We need an explanation on how to fix these issues.