Problem showing foilage texture on mesh made in blender

I’m very fresh in all the programs I use… Under a month, so feel free to dumb Down answers a little :slight_smile:
Also zero Programming exp.

Using, Curvy3D, Blender and UE4.
Started making my own Vive VR world to chill in, a few days ago.

started making 3D models in Curvy, then import to Blender, to export to fbx With smoothing, which Works well.

But when I create a model in Blender, then export that the same way, With the same settings, the entire mesh, wireframe and all disappears if I add a masked (foilage) texture in UE4. *(looks fine With a standard texture)

*And I can’t find the difference betw the one which was first created in Curvy3D, and the one I created in Blender… :confused:

I hope someone has some idea of what I am doing Wrong! :frowning:

Hi ma83lan,
can you post some pictures to show us what you mean? :slight_smile: