Problem Saving Map ( Instant Crash ) 4.9.2

Hello there !

When I create a new map and save it or select actors in the world and save them to a new map my editor crashes instantly…

Error failed to allocate ram ( ~ 9 MB ) … eh … Nope!

So here is a log … I hope someone can help fast!
link text

It’s just a: “run out of memory” it means that you need more memory or to allocate more memory to ue4

UE4 has unlimited access to my memory and I have enought for it .

There are numerous errors for assets before you get to that last part. Was this a conversion from a previous version of UE4? I’m particularly concerned by the asset rebindings and missing engine declarations. I don’t think the final error really has anything to do with it. Likely just the upper most catch statement.

Jup we have converted many times the source .

Seems like if you have to much Landscape Layer Grass / Foliage Unreal crashes after next map load … So basicly dont use to much foliage with layers …