Problem reproducing Video in Widget UI

Hi !

I have 2 Blu prints (Widget UI) with a video “projected” inside in each one.See the attached a screenshot of the first one, called scene01. My idea is to create an interactive sequence using 5-6 scenes/BP.


The collection of BPs works. It reproduces one of the videos and then the others. However, the performance is quite slow. I exported the result to MAC and I couldn’t even make it work in HTML5. The video is played irregularly or very slow. I know the equipment isn’t very powerful but it should be enough for a test. My computer is a MAC pro from a couple of years ago. The MP4 files employed were done with an iphone 6 and they are 1080 so not too large…

I tried without much success 2 alternatives:

  1. To share the same Media Player and call it from the other BP (casting that variable “mplayer”). However this solution doesnt work as the program collapses always

  2. To try this exercises through surfaces projected and not through Widget UI. The problem is that the programme is also collapsing when I want to connect 2 different media playlist. This always happens,even when I tried to close one media player (and its list) before opening the second list.

Can you please let me your thoughts about this? Should I pursuit any of these 3 routes?

Many Thanks in advance