Problem "reactivating" FPP camera...


I have a FPP+TPP Camera setup where I shift between two cameras using a Zoom In/Out.
The FPP camera is attached to the head socket and “Use Pawn Control Rotation” is set, as well as “Use Controller Rotation Yaw” in the blueprint class defaults.

Everything works fine.

However, on a heavy landing, I play a rolling land animation, and want the camera to follow the head so you “see the roll” as you go around. It’s easy enough to unset the “Use Controller Rotation Yaw” during the roll, and it works nicely. However, when I have finished the roll, and reset the pawn control rotation, it’s doesn’t recover, and I have a wobbly camera head thereafter… not matter how many times I try and reset it?

What’s even more bizarre is that if I manually zoom out and in again on my mouse, it goes back to normal, but if I fire the events in the blueprint, it doesn’t help.

Any ideas on how to do this right, or whether there is a problem setting Pawn Control Rotation during game play?